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We live aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii. We write about our experiences and share our love for the Big Island. e komo mai!

What does this site offer?

Snowboarding Mauna KeaBig Island Fun Things to Do.
From advanced hikes along scenic trails to remote waterfalls with cliff diving to sport fishing, power boating, sailing, lava hikes, snow boarding, cultural experiences and astronomy. We help you identify the activites you want. We rate and review the most fun things to do on our island (someone has to do it!) and share our local knowledge. We do this in a way that helps you stay safe and considers your limited time with us. We help you decide what to do on your trip to the Big Island before you arrive.

Reviews of tours and tour guides.
We live here, we provide guided tours. We take other tour operators tours and share our honest reviews and rate our island experiences. We recommend tour guides and tour companies here on the Big Island. Official tour information is always available and you’ll always get the local perspective.

Big Island photos and video.
We collect, edit and shoot video. We take photos and share this them along with our videos on Flickr and our Big Island Video Portal. We know you can learn a lot more by watching a video or seeing photos than by simply reading about adventures on the Big Island. We share the videos and photos you take as well. We go to Big Island events because we love living here and sharing our experiences. So it’s natural for us to bring a camera along. In fact, we probably have that photo or video you forgot to take or just didn’t bring a camera.

Big Island events
Local activity planners and promoters add their events to the calendar and our staff keeps our Hawaii calendar of events updated constantly. Together, we do our best to make sure you can identify fun things to do in your planning stages. We know you don’t want to miss anything during your trip to Hawaii.

Your Big Island reviews and comments.
That’s right, all of our travel advice is open to your comments. We know you’d prefer to read about Hawaii products or tour services from other visitors and locals. It’s great to visit tour operator sites but getting the information from a third party can often help you decide which event, tour or product to buy. So we welcome you to share your thoughts. If you disagree with us, we want our visitors to read about it in our comments. We know your time is limited with us and we’ve created this site to maximize your time and money while you visit the Big Island. To comment on any post or page, please use our simple registration form. Login and registration links are on the bottom right side of every page on the site. Comment boxes are below all the posts.

Big Island Blog NetworkBig Island of Hawaii Blog Network.
We help bloggers on the Big Island get setup and start writing about their experiences. We know we can’t do it all so we help others share their experiences with you. By enabling a larger blog community on the Big Island, we help you find varied opinions and more facts about just about anything you can imagine writing or reading about on the Big Island. Not all Hawaii travel blogs and weblogs are created equal and not all are written by visitors or even locals. Many of the blogs out there are supported by paid advertisers or are written by PayPerPost affiliates. None of our bloggers are paid to write or give their opinion about anything. We do have advertisers but none of our content is ever editorialized by our advertisers.

We’re constantly improving and seeking your feedback. If you have anything to add, please register and comment on any of our blog posts. This website is safe for children and we want to keep it that way, so please no adult content. We ban on IPs on the first offense. We know bringing your children to the Big Island can be the vacation of a lifetime. We believe that vacation starts when you visit our website.

How can you participate on Big Island Fun.com?
It’s easy. Here’s a few different ways you can contribute to Big Island Fun:
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Send unrelated comments or complaints directly to our staff by using our contact form.

Upload videos or photos using our content upload form and or our Hawaii Big Island Video Portal.

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  1. Helga H

    can anyone help me find a contact/reservation number for ted’s ultra light flying? i am unable to find a number.
    thank you.